11 Best Tea Blends Customers Picked in 2020

11 Best Tea Blends Customers Picked in 2020

The year 2020 was a roller-coaster ride, taking us on highs and lows and shaking us from our daily routine slumber. In these tasking months, there was hope and warmth of a teacup that the world shared with their loved ones. We know for sure the teas boasted the relationship between families and immunity and kept the world going.

Here we present the 11 best-selling tea blends that our beloved customers across the globe purchased in the year 2020. We endeavour to allow you to glimpse the consumers' articulate taste and help you discover your favourite tea blends. We wish you to try out the new tea blends because until you try, you never know what you are missing.

Best Selling Black Teas

 best seler Pride Of Darjeeling - Rare First Flush Tea

Pride Of Darjeeling - Rare First Flush Tea

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An outstanding and rare First Flush Tea packed in a Pinewood Box for connoisseurs of Golden Tips worldwide. Originating in Darjeeling, from the area which produces one of the finest teas in the world, this early spring selection consisting of the most tender leaves, has a delightful floral aroma with a mellowed liquor and makes for a very extraordinary and outstanding cup to relish.

pride of darjelling review

Muscatel Golden Assam Black Tea

This specially-harvested and crafted tea overflowing with the rare Golden Tips, comes with a slightly malty taste and has the rich muscatel-like aroma, a characteristic extremely uncommon in Assam Teas. A very limited edition offering, this is a not-to-be-missed tea for aficionados of the finest Assams.

Muscatel Golden Assam Black Tea review

Temi Sikkim Tea

This tenderly plucked and carefully crafted tea comes from the sole Temi Tea estate in the north-eastern state of Sikkim in India. This tea is an international favourite and is characteristic of a bright liquor in the cup with a unique and typical flavour.

Temi Sikkim review

Masala Chai India's Authentic Spiced Tea

An age-old classic, Masala Chai, literally meaning "Spiced Tea" is one of the most popular tea blends globally, originating from India. This unique & ancient preparation contains a strong flavoury black tea blended with a variety of aromatic spices. The tea has a rich & spicy aroma, a strong and perfectly balanced flavour with dark liquor in the cup. The masala tea is consumed with and without milk.

Masala Chai review

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey, the famous tea blend; named after the British Minster, the 2nd Earl Grey. Earl Grey Darjeeling Tea is an exciting take on this classic combination of the finest black tea leaves from Darjeeling scented with natural oil from the bergamot fruit's ripened peel. Bergamot is the pear-shaped sour orange originally found in southern Italy.

Earl Grey review

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Best Selling Green Teas

Pure Darjeeling Green Tea

A delicate and smooth flavour; whole leaf green tea from the pristine hills of Darjeeling. This non-fermented tea, rich in natural antioxidants with several health benefits, is characteristic of a smooth light taste, a gentle and floral aroma with pale green liquor in the cup.

Earl Grey review

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Best Selling White Teas

Peony Florence

An exceptional variety of White Tea from the Peony family, naturally withered & unfermented, blended with Rose petals and dried Hibiscus. This fannings variety has a higher potency & body as compared to other white teas. Combined with a subtle flavour, it makes for a smooth & delicate cup and has several health benefits. The addition of fragrant flower petals makes this a delicious drink that is loved for its sour, lemony-tart and berryish flavours.

Peony Florence review

White Blush - Rose White Tea

An exotic handpicked White Tea blended with delicately plucked and fragrant Rose petals, to create a sweet and pleasant flavour with a mildly grassy finish. The innumerable health benefits of White Tea combined with Rose petals, make for a potent drink, as also a delicious cup to relish any time of the day.

Rose White Tea

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Best Selling Oolong Teas

Sparkling Oolong Tea

Extraordinary oolong tea from Darjeeling, a go-between black and green tea is having properties of both. Tenderly Grown and expertly processed in select estates, Darjeeling Oolong Teas is made from finely plucked leaves, usually two leaves and a bud. This beautiful leaf tea-type is semi-oxidized and abundant in antioxidants with several health benefits.
Also available in Pyramid Tea Bags

Sparkling Oolong

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Best Selling Matcha Teas

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

This truly detoxifying drink from Japan is the secret to mental & physical wellness. According to an 8th-century Zen priest, Eisai, Matcha is the ultimate mental & medical remedy and can make one's life more complete. Stone-ground powdered Japanese Matcha Green Tea is grown and processed in tranquil surroundings and pollution-free Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

Sparkling Oolong Tea review

Lemon Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Another variant of Matcha green tea, Lemon Matcha, has lemon's added benefits, making this blend highly beneficial to health and perfect for weight loss. Since it is more concentrated in antioxidants, Matcha tea is believed to have 10 times the nutritional value of green tea.

Lemon Matcha Japanese Green Tea review

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