World Food Day- A healthy diet contributes to a healthy life.

World Food Day- A healthy diet contributes to a healthy life.

Every creature and plant on our planet needs food to live, grow and reproduce. It’s also a basic human right. Every one of us should always be able to get the food we need to live healthy and active lives. We choose the food we eat based on many different things: the time we have to cook or eat it, what’s easiest to eat, what others eat, the occasion, our culture or religion, what we like or dislike, our habits, and our knowledge and cooking skills too.


But two very important things help us to decide what we eat: how much it costs and how easy it is to find.

Have you noticed that junk food is very easy to find almost everywhere you go? That’s because in the last few years junk food has become more and more popular, and it’s also normally cheap. Eating more junk food means that our diets have changed a lot, and not for the better. Junk food has ‘junk’ in the name for a reason: some of it is bad for the planet because of how it’s made, and it’s also bad for you (full of sugars, fats, salt and other unhealthy things). Not eating a variety of enough nutritious food can lead to health problems and sickness.

Golden Tips Tea supported World Food Day and brought together tea beverages that not only suits every pocket but at the same time helps boost immunity when they are consumed regularly.

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Sharing a great creative playbook & guide by FAO to tell you what you and others can do to avoid the trap of Junk Food and choose healthily.

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