By the mid 1800 centuries the Britishers have started planting teas around Darjeeling valleys. Today Darjeeling teas are considered “the Champagne of teas”. Darjeeling Black teas are considered to be one of the most superior qualities of tea around the world. They are in great demand from across the world just because they have very distinct flavor and aroma. Their taste vary a lot depending on the season and time they are plucked. Darjeeling first flush teas are somehow pleasantly astringent and can be slight greenish in style.   

Darjeeling second flush black teas are plucked during early summer. They are very smooth with floral and muscatel flavor. Second flush teas are most widely sought out due to its aroma and color.

Darjeeling Autumn flush teas are manufactured during fall season just before the onset of winter.They are soft and mellow in taste.  

Darjeeling Black Teas

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