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  • Imagine you are hosting a group of friends, and you ask if anybody would like to have “white tea.” Many people would have heard about black tea, iced tea, or even green tea. Few people know of white tea, and even fewer have tasted it. You can be the person that introduces it to your peers and become the embodiment of refined taste.

    White tea is perhaps the most delicate tea variety in the world today. So, what makes this tea special, and where can you find it? You can use it for your own personal pleasure or gift a loved one this aromatic beverage. Here is all you need to know about the best white tea in India at the best prices.

    White Tea Origins

    Like its sisters, green and black tea, white tea is also made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It goes through an entirely different processing method giving it a unique aroma and flavor.

    This tea is harvested when the plant leaves are covered in fine white hairs and haven’t even opened fully yet. The buds and unfurled leaves are handpicked, promptly dried, and prevented from being oxidized. Because it’s not processed or oxidized, it retains its freshness and delicacy making it one of the most beneficial drinks to enjoy.

    Initially, it was only produced in China, but it is now also being produced commercially in India and Sri Lanka.

    India is heavily blessed with tea trees and production, allowing for global exports. White tea produced in Darjeeling is now accessible to far-off regions.

    A Rare and Expensive Treat

    Because of its relatively unusual manufacturing process, it’s produced in low quantities. That makes it one of the rarest and most expensive teas in the world. White tea is considered a delicacy even in countries whose major products include tea. It is often reserved for special days and people, not for common get-togethers.

    There are, however, roughly two categories of people that especially prefer white tea.

    People with a more refined taste prefer white tea because its low in caffeine and flower-filled. It is light in taste and does not require additional sweeteners, ensuring a more pure tea leaves experience.

    Health-conscious people understand the value of the extremely rich antioxidants in white tea and its other health benefits.

    Choices of White Teas

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    Health Benefits of White Tea

    There is ongoing research on the health benefits of white tea. Some consider its consumption as part of a healthy practice. One major benefit is that it helps reduce weight and is rich in antioxidants that fight signs of aging.

    Additionally, it reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease, one of the leading causes of unnatural deaths worldwide.

    White tea is distinguished for smelling sweet. It also has the oral hygiene benefit of protecting your teeth from bacteria. These benefits are in direct contrast to consuming coffee that stains your teeth. Drink white tea, and your teeth and breath will remain fresh as ever.

    Some severe diseases that it prevents include cancer, the risk of insulin resistance, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s diseases.

    Taste and Brewing

    White tea is best served fresh and plain without milk or sugar. It is exquisite in taste and so subtle that any additions take away the experience. As a true tea lover, you’d want to experience its aroma and flavor.

    The taste profile of white tea is quite varied and depends on the exact type you buy. Some common descriptors used for it are mild, fruity, floral, grassy, herby, or citrusy.

    The brewing time, on average, of white tea is higher than green or black tea. You should use fresh and cold filtered water to brew this tea and cover it while it steeps. If anything, white tea is a lot easier to prepare since it doesn’t require condiments.

    One of the best trademark qualities of white tea leaves, particularly high-quality ones, is that you can steep them multiple times. This quality benefits you as a consumer, given that it is expensive. Also, store the tea in an air-tight container away from heat. Do not put it in the refrigerator or with other products. Placing it with other tea or spices can corrupt the tea leaves by leaching their scent or flavour.

    Buy White Tea At Golden Tips Tea

    There was a time in history when only Chinese emperors could afford white tea. While we have moved further from that point in history, it is still not a very common product. Thus, finding the best white tea can be a hassle for you.

    As with any product or beverage, we recommend that it’s best to buy from vendors who understand the product. We are proud to claim that we are the heritage tea brand selling online, with a variety of white teas to choose from on our website, directly sourced from tea estates.

    If you are a connoisseur of fine-tasting white teas, you need to add this to your shelf. You can place your order for the best white tea at Golden Tips Tea.

    Our process and due diligence guarantee you walk away with the best product at the most reasonable prices.

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