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Our Packaging and Delivery team work very closely with each other. The packaging department ensures that all the orders are processed very carefully and dispatched within 24-48 hours except on business and government holidays. Efforts are made to dispatch all orders received before 1200 hours on the same day, whereas orders received after 1200 hours are dispatched on the next business day. We try our best to stick to this schedule, barring unforeseen & unavoidable delays.

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We use DHL/FedEx/ for international delivery. These are most reliable and probably the fastest. Usual delivery time is between 5-10 business days after dispatch. Responsive tracking ID is available for comprehensive tracking of your shipment and shared with the customer, post dispatch.


We use EMS / India Post for countries where Express shipping is not available/ feasible for various reasons, e.g. the formerly CIS countries, China, Taiwan, etc. Delivery takes between 2-3 weeks after dispatch and the tracking ID is shared with the customer, post dispatch.

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The Green Tea Phenomenon: Myths and Truths Unveiled

The Green Tea Phenomenon: Myths and Truths Unveiled

Green tea has a long and illustrious history that goes back to ancient China. Its story intertwines Chinese culture, traditions, and centuries of refinement. However, over the last few decades, green tea has become increasingly popular worldwide for its health benefits.

Cheers to National Chai Day: Exploring India's Beloved Chai Blends

Cheers to National Chai Day: Exploring India's Beloved Chai Blends

Hey there, tea enthusiasts! Did you know that there's a day dedicated to celebrating the magic of chai? That's right, it's National Chai Day in India, and we're raising our teacups to honor this delightful elixir.

Top 10 Tea Gardens in Assam

Top 10 Tea Gardens in Assam

Assam boasts some of the best tea gardens in the world, producing fine-quality tea. Here are Assam's top tea estates everyone should know about.

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