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All You Need to Know About Nilgiri Tea

India has three primary tea growing regions: Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiri. While Darjeeling and Assam get their due share, Nilgiri blue mountain tea is quite underrated.

Why Darjeeling Tea Is Called the Champagne of Teas

The foothills of the Himalayas are the source of one of the most popular tea varieties in the world: Darjeeling tea. Over the years, this variety has earned the title of Champagne of Teas among connoisseurs. In this post, we will decipher the reasoning behind this name.

Biggest Collection of Best Indian Masala Teas

Masala tea is a traditional beverage of Indian origin. Tea is created by mixing premium aromatic spices, each with numerous health benefits.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Available in countless varieties, such as black, green and white tea, Darjeeling tea is a favourite among tea drinkers

What Is First Flush Tea and Why Is It So Expensive?

The first flush tea is the first tea harvested in spring or in the late winter.

All You Need to Know About Darjeeling First Flush Tea

The spring season brings with it new colours and warmth. It’s also the time of year where an incredibly valuable variety of tea is harvested in regions of India – the Darjeeling First Flush.

Early First Flush 2021