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So nice

Excellent box of teas

Roasted Flavoury Organic Darjeeling Black Tea
Mohammad Mobarki (Jeddah, SA)

اجتمع نكهة دارجليلنغ مع قوة النكهة مثل شاي
آسام جميل انصح به

Quel délice !!!

Ce thé est une pure merveille !!!
Pour moi, c'est le meilleur goûté jusqu'ici.

Spicy & Delightful Tea!

Flavorful and delicious. This isn't a weak Chai, but one full of flavor and delicious taste. Highly recommend!

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea
Lucretia Crum (Dauphin, US)
Excellent Tea!

Earl Grey is one of my all time favorites and this one does not disappoint. The flavor is suburb, and is one of the best I've ever tasted. Highly recommend!

Queen of Hills Loose Leaf Tea
Lucretia Crum (Dauphin, US)
Excellent Tea!

I am so glad I purchased this one. It's delicate flavor sits pleasantly on my tongue. Delicious flavor. Will purchase this one again.

the best tea I have ever enjoyed

Summer Moonlight Haze Organic Darjeeling Tea, Second Flush - 2023 is the best tea I have ever enjoyed. Its taste, scent and color are incredible. A Tibetan monk gave me a tin of it last December when I was in New Delhi.

Delicate and Delicious!

Love the delicate flavor of this pure Darjeeling tea. Absolutely perfect any time of the day.


Brilliant gold in look and taste with warm undertones and a subtle but charming bouquet.

A pleasure to receive or give

The gift box combo makes for a nice, thoughtful gift that is equally nice to receive

Assam Wonder Black Tea Second Flush 2022
Natasha Isaak (Fort McMurray, CA)
Lovely Flavor

Lovely amber color. I found it delicious. But my mom didn't enjoy it as much because she prefers to add milk to her tea.

Thank you for this tea as a gift!

I got so much pleasure from drinking tea! Fruit alluring aroma!

Muscatel Hint Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush 2023
Iryna Tsatova (Kyiv, UA)
Thank you fo very good tea!

I love such a pleasant floral tart aftertaste! Very wonderful tea for the price!

Very good tea!

Really comes with a mouthful of sharp and pleasant flavour that has a rich fruitiness with a mild honeyed sensation. Makes for a wonderful drinking pleasure !

Chocolate Flavoured Black Tea - Tin Can
Roya Meeks (Kansas City, US)
chocolate flavored black tea


Love it

I love the spiced masala chai
I won't run out ever if possible!

Terrific brand

Well, this is my first time trying this type of tea. I normally try other brands that have the the regular tea bag that comes with it. So I had to use a filter like kitchen tool to drain the tea. Nevertheless, the flavor was great. Definitely recommend!

Golden Orange Pekoe Tea - Tin Can
Igor Dundovic (Zagreb, HR)
Timeless classic

Very nice timeless classic Orange Pekoe. Rich and robust character full of aromas, deep and comforting fragrance. Flavour is simultaneously bold and smooth. Nice amber colour.

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
Robynne (Sydney, AU)
Practical strainer

Functional, works well

Golden Saga Assam Black Tea Second Flush 2023
Delivery and Packing

the products was delivery fast and nice good packing.

Best earl grey tea

Delicious earl grey tea, a must to purchase

Refreshing tea

Refreshing tea, unique flavour

Sparkling Oolong Tea - Tin Can
Robynne (Sydney, AU)
Excellent tea

My new favourite!

3 Premium Teas Sample Pack
Robynne (Sydney, AU)
Smooth, flavourful, superb tea

Wonderful tea, l give my full praise

Pretty nice!

Very fragrant and delicate aroma as the moonlight series always does, also packed with a tinge of fruitiness in taste after infusion, a little less in flavor than the Halo but the aftertaste is very sweet and delightful! The tea is good until fourth pass with a gradual decrease of infusion temperature.

Golden Tips Tea in Publications

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