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Unitea - Tin Can
Good tea

I'm happy with Unitea good savour less strong than CTC with the Darjeeling flavor. A good blended tea.


I was surprised. I ordered this tea on sale. Balanced good taste


Not the very best. I prefer Moonlight Rhytm from this sale.

A Wonderful Tea

A friend introduced me to GoldenTips a year ago and I can feel the benefits of drinking "real" tea.
I love this First Flush tea, it's smooth, delicate and a wonderful tea that can be drunk anytime of the day.

Summer Melody Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush 2022

Roasted Flavour

A distinct, very bright coloured and smokiness in flavour, representing the roasted flavour as mentioned on the tea pack. Tastes much better with a dash of milk.

Second Flush Darjeeling

The Summer Serenade Second Flush Darjeeling tea by Golden Tips has vegetal notes, a distinct Darjeeling aroma, bright coppery colour. Balanced taste of robustness along with smooth astringent taste. All teas must also be evaluated with the price range they are available, I find this tea an excellent offering within the price range it is launched.

Unitea - Tin Can
Unitea is a good idea!

A perfect blend of the best of Indian tea's. I would recommand all Indian and International tea addicts to order from this company. They know what a good tea is and their order and payment procedures are excellent!

Chai Sampler Pack
Very pleased

As a masala chai lover I'm really pleased with these samples; all great tasty chai's. They remind me of my long (train) journey's through India. I would recommand all tea lovers in the world to order from this company, great tea, great service!

Good Assam tea

Exactly as described, a good malty flavor. I would recommanded Golden Tips, also for international orders. They know what a good Indian tea is and their shipping and payment procedures are very good and safe.

My family enjoys Goldentips tea very much. Used to buy from Amazon. I have not tried my last shipment from Goldentips itself. Hoping it will be as good as previous tea.

Very fine green tea

A green tea with a fine Jasmine taste. Golden Tips is a great company if you order Indian tea from abroad: good quality. Also safe with payment and very fast shipping.

Southern Siesta Nilgiri Black Tea Second Flush 2021

THE taste of India!

Like more people here I missed the real Masala Chai from my travels through India. After long searching I think I found it! All tea's that I ordered from Golden Tips are of high quality. Shipping was very fast. I don't use animal products anymore and avoid refined sugar, but with plantbased milk and alternative sweeteners like datepalm sugar (jaggery) it's also absolutely delicious.

Moonlight Heritage - Organic Darjeeling White Tea First Flush 2021
Cho YunSil
Moonlight Heritage - Organic Darjeeling White Tea First F.



First, I want to thank Golden Tips and DHL Express for their fast shipping. I ordered my tea on Friday evening from Europe and received it Monday morning! (Tax was less than 1 euro, paid online, so no delays with customs procedures) This Sikkim tea is one of the fine tea's I ordered from Golden Tips. Like the Darjeeling tea's I find it great as evening tea or any time when you don't feel like having a strong (Assam) tea.

مميز ورايق

غريب ومميز ورايق 9.3 انصح فيه

Golden Wonder Darjeeling Black Tea is always good as well

Golden Wonder Darjeeling Black Tea is always good as well

Hidden treasure at Value

I just came across this tea after Golden tips changed the packaging; it's absolutely a hidden treasure at the cost it is available. Very delicate pure Darjeeling green tea, no hint of bitterness, light green colour when brewed. It gives steep competition to Lipton, red label and other prominent mass brands of green teas. Give it a try; you save money and get a very superior, refined green tea full of health benefits.

Darjeeling tea

Ordering those tea was perhaps the best decision I have ever made. All those teas were out of this world, but Darjeeling and Sikkim teas own my heart. Your packaging was amazing. It held the flavor tight and tea quality was A1. I can assure people sitting by the fence that if you like tea then pease get a few from Golden Tips. This merchant was not one of those who can never deliver promised items and you lose your money. The delivery was also superfast. I will try other varieties just out of curiosity but surely get the one I love most. Thank you Golden Tips for providing me such an amazing experience in tea drinking.


جميل جدا انصح فيه

Maybe the staff put the wrong tea in the package of Ruby Regalia

Maybe the staff put the wrong tea in the package of Ruby Regalia, the taste isn't the same with the real Ruby Regalia last year and before last year. And the flavor is not the flavor the Ruby Regalia. If the staff put the right tea in the package of Ruby Regalia, it shows that Ruby Regalia tea maybe not be good made, and the special flavor of Ruby Regalia have not been showed.

Vintage Assam Black Tea Second Flush - 2021
Mohammad Mobarki
قوي ومميز

توصيل سريع نكهة قوية ومميزة تقييمي له. 9.3 من 10

Exceptionally Flavorful Best Sikkim Tea

Great tea with exceptional flavor, nice packaging. This is the best Sikkim Tea I have tasted.

Unitea - Tin Can
Gaurav Dhingra
Strong Assam with Darjeeling Blend

A balanced tea blend that makes this tea copper in colour, with hints of Darjeeling and a slightly robust flavour of Assam. People who love English breakfast tea must try this.

Golden Tips Tea in Publications

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