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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Available in countless varieties, such as black, green and white tea, Darjeeling tea is a favourite among tea drinkers

Enjoying the Monsoon Season with Chai Teas

The monsoon season in India is the perfect excuse to brew your favorite cup of chai tea. Follow this guide to make yours today...

How to make Darjeeling White Exotica Tea | White Exotica Tea Review

Darjeeling White Exotica Tea is one of the finest and most sought-after teas in the world.

How to Prepare a Perfect Cup of Masala Chai

Masala chai, also known as spiced tea, is a staple in many households across India. The aromatic blend of tea leaves, spices, and milk has been enjoyed for generations and continues to be a favourite beverage for millions of people worldwide.

Pomegranate Tea Martini Recipe

A refreshing concoction made of fresh pomegranate juice, ginger juliennes and green tea. It is a perfect beverage to sip on during evenings.

An easy mocktail mar’tea’ni for a pleasant monsoon evening

If wellness choices have made you that ‘mocktail person’ at a party, here’s a way to spice things up for yourself! Who said you need to have a few cocktails to have fun, this mocktail mar’tea’ni is here to bust that myth.

How to Make Loose Leaf Tea: Step by Step Guide

Whether you are new to the world of teas, a veteran, or someone who has never had a single cup of loose leaf tea, brewing the perfect cup is always intriguing. Therefore, we have come up with a step-by-step guide on doing exactly that.

How to Prepare Matcha Iced Tea using finest Golden Tips Matcha Powder?

Using a shaker blend the matcha powder with honey or sugar and ice cubes. A thick dark green liquid is prepared. Add milk to this and shake for three minutes to blend the matcha and milk. 

Get Acquainted with a Heavenly Tea Flavor: Why Must You Taste Peony Florence - Rose, Hibiscus & Peony Fannings?

Have you read or heard about this delicious and amazing tea? Peony Florence - Rose, Hibiscus & Peony Fannings enjoys widespread popularity among tea connoisseurs in India.

Assam Tea - History, Taste Profile, FAQ, and More (Part 2)

When discussing variety of Assam tea types, you must have heard of a term called ‘flush’...

Golden Tips Tea in Publications

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