Best Teas to Fight Cold – What to Drink When You Are Sick
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Best Teas to Fight Cold – What to Drink When You Are Sick

Do you get sick a lot or catch a cold frequently?

Doctors recommend drinking more fluids to recover quickly from cold or flu. This includes drinking copious amounts of water and other drinks. Historically, people opt for tea to feel better and for a good reason.

When it comes to tea, many varieties can fight your illness, depending on a wide range of factors. The warm liquid in the tea alleviates your throat and makes congestion smoother. More importantly, tea contains antibacterial properties that are effective at curing colds rapidly. Once you add some honey to your tea, you will find a noticeable difference as you cough less.

It is important to note that not all teas are the same when it comes to treating flu or cold. Some of them contain properties that boost your immune system and wipe out germs. Here’s a look at the best teas to fight cold:

Green Fusion Loose Leaf Fine Green Tea

Pale orange-like liquor from bold, wiry & tippy leaves with a mild sourness having multiple health benefits.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a herbal that is rich in vitamin C. Drink three cups of hibiscus tea to reach your required allotment of vitamin C. Since it is a herbal tea, it is free of caffeine – you can drink it the whole day without affecting your sleep.
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Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a common ingredient in cough drops and cough syrup. It comes with an invigorating aroma that opens up congested airways and improves breathing. Besides, studies have found that peppermint decreases inflammation and reduces pain. This way, it soothes body aches caused by colds. Besides, it has virucidal properties that can decrease the length of flu or cold.
Do you want to check out peppermint tea? Let’s take a look.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a favourite among singers – they take it to soothe their throats. Ginger contains bioactive ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and may also inhibit microorganisms that can cause infection. If you are also battling an upset tummy, it can relieve nausea too. Click this link to order your ginger tea.


Herbyoga Immunity Boster Desi Kadha Tea is made with selected ingredients like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Giloy, and many more Indian herbs which help in boosting immunity to the next level. Every way of natural care is a wonder Cure! Click this link to order your Herbyoga - Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey, the most popular tea blend in the world is names after the British Minster, the 2nd Earl Grey. Our Earl Grey Darjeeling Tea is an interesting take on this classic combination of the finest black tea leaves from Darjeeling scented with natural oil from the ripened peel of the bergamot fruit, a pear shaped sour orange originally found in southern Italy. Let’s take a look.

Kashmiri Kahwa

A fine grade of green tea blended with cinnamon sticks and crushed green cardamom. A health beneficial and highly delicious beverage originating from the Kashmir Valley in northern India.
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Green Blush - Rose Green Tea

A fine high-grown Green Tea blended with delicately plucked and fragrant Rose petals, to create a sweet and pleasant flavour. Green Tea, well-known for its multiple health benefits combined with Rose petals, makes for delicious cup to relish anytime of the day.

White Exotica Tea

An exotic White Tea from Darjeeling with each leaf picked tenderly and selectively just before sunrise. The fairly long, light & fluffy leaves of this tea type are an absolute visual delight. Cultivated in the picturesque slopes of the Himalayas at altitudes up to 2000 meters, this rare tea type has excellent health benefits and a very high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s take a look.

Final Thoughts

Improve your chances of your getting better by drinking these cold-fighting teas. In this way, you can soothe the symptoms of flu and cold in no time. Also, eat the right foods and exercise regularly to speed up your recovery.

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