Where Are the Best Tea Shops In India?
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Where Are the Best Tea Shops In India?

Famous Tea Shops in India

As a tea lover, isn’t it time to try more varieties of tea? It’s not every day you get the chance to collect and taste teas. So, where to go for the best teas in the world? Plan your journey to visit Darjeeling, a small district in India located around the Himalayan foothills. Due to this area’s geographical origin, any tea that is grown here has a brightness, aroma, and taste that is impossible to replicate.

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Now that you know where to go, which tea shop is the best? Well, the answer couldn’t be more apparent; it’s Golden Tips Tea because frankly, not many shops in the world sell 350 varieties of tea under the same roof. It means that; every day, you can try out a new tea for nearly a year! It doesn’t get any better for tea connoisseurs. We are well known for selling some of the finest teas around the world, including black, green, white, Darjeeling, oolong, herbal, and other types of speciality teas.

At our tea shops, you are going to get the premium experience – we don’t merely sell teas, we provide an ambience that leaves a deep imprint. Many of our shops have been made into tea cafes to meet the influx of international and local travellers. Stay around for hours with your company at our tea cafe, wait for your favourite tea to get prepared, and taste an invigorating cup, right at the spot.

If you are unable to make your mind about which tea is the best from such a large variety, the experienced managers at the tea stores will help you make the perfect selection based on your preferences and budgets. You can also send us a message – we will help you decide which tea is the best for you. This is the only place in the entire world where you can get pocket-friendly premium long leaf teas, while at the same time; you can take a sip of some of the most expensive teas in the world – there is no place like Golden Tea Tips.

The demand for our teas has skyrocketed to such an extent that we had to open three stores in Darjeeling, the tea mecca of the world. Over time, this demand expanded beyond Darjeeling, prompting us to open tea shops across different parts of India.

While going back to your country or city, you can also purchase memorable gifts from your family and friends by checking out our gift section. Click here to take a peek.

So, where do I find these lovely shops? At the moment, our tea shops are willing to host you in 11 outlets spread across7 cities. These are:

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