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  • India is the second largest tea producer worldwide, after China. It is undoubtedly top of the list when there's a discussion about tea. For Indians, tea is not just a beverage. The land is known for its rich tea culture.

    Indians produce and supply premium, highly demanded, and authentic teas worldwide. Golden Tips Tea is one of the world-renowned retailers, offering a variety of Indian teas, each unique and flavorful in a different way.

    Here's all you need to know about premium tea in India.

    Premium Tea in India

    If you're a tea lover who wants to explore tea culture from different parts of the world, you must know all about premium tea in India.

    Premium CTC Tea

    The CTC process began in the 1930s in India and later spread to India and Africa. CTC refers to the processing method of black tea. It means to crush, tear, curl, and sometimes cut, tear, curl. Black tea leaves run through a chain of cylinder-shaped rollers with several piercing choppers that crush, tear, and curl them.

    The rollers then produce several tiny, solid pellets made of tea. The CTC process differs from the standard tea manufacturing one. Today, most black tea produced worldwide goes through the same process as the CTC method.

    Choices of CTC Teas:

    Earl Grey Spice Black Tea

    Earl Grey Spice Black Tea

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    Ginger Chai CTC Black Tea

    Ginger Chai CTC Black Tea

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    Premium CTC Tea

    Premium CTC Tea

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    Benefits of CTC Tea

    CTC tea is the world's finest and most aromatic blend of tea that provides numerous health benefits. Here are the key benefits of premium CTC tea:

    • It helps reduce your weight by cutting down on the fat element in the body. It blocks the absorption of fat in the body, automatically allowing you to shed a few pounds.
    • It is an excellent boost for your immune system and aids in digestion. It reduces stomach cramps.
    • Since it has antioxidant properties, research suggests that it lowers the risk and helps prevents heart diseases.
    • The antioxidant properties can help fight cancer cells in the body. Thus, regular use can prevent cancer from spreading.
    • It provides more energy to the body.

    Preparation of CTC Tea

    To make CTC tea, fill the pot with water and allow it to boil. Once it boils, add in your CTC tea mixture and let it simmer for about a few minutes. If you wish to add some sweetener, you can; otherwise, you can have it as it is. Strain the water and enjoy.

    Final Thoughts

    Premium CTC Tea is a classic in India. It is top on the list of delicious Indian teas you must try for an authentic Indian tea experience.

    To learn more about Indian tea varieties and buy authentic Indian teas, including premium CTC Tea, visit our website today.

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